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Color matched Ceiling Grid - 15/16" for Suspended Ceilings

Complete your suspended ceiling with color matched 15/16" grid to match your drop-in ceiling tiles - or select an opposing color to offset and accentuate your drop-in ceiling tiles!  

(Please note: Ask for samples as ceiling grid color may vary slightly)

Ceiling Grid coated with transparent colors, Satin Transparent and Satin Silver colors may not match painted ceiling tiles exactly.  Grid colors may be a little darker or lighter in color than the tiles.  All grid starts our as white, we then apply a chrome paint to the grid to try and match an unfinished color tin tile.  The second applictiaon to the ceiling grid is a transparent color of your choice.  The chrome underlayment is a solid color, compared to the unfinished raw material for a tile, which is a brushed stainless color.  With that being said, transparent color, Satin Transparent and Satin silver grid may be a little darker than the painted tin ceiling tiles. 


*** All grid purchases require a separate shipping quote - we ship grid on a semi-truck on 12' pallets -  Minimum $400.00 over length shipping charge, plus shipping cost!


Powder Coated Drop-In Ceiling Tiles with Color Matched Ceiling Grid!!‚Äč