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Deep Drop-In Tin Tiles for Suspended Ceilings

Suspended (or drop) ceilings are installed a few inches below an actual ceiling. These types of ceilings are useful in hiding ungainly equipment, plumbing and wiring and are especially well suited for commercial and industrial applications and also work very well in basements.


These types of ceilings start with a supporting metal grid structure that is installed to hold the drop-in tiles or panels. A grid system is installed first followed by “dropping” the ceiling tiles into the openings of the metal grid structure to form the actual drop-in ceiling.


Our drop-in ceiling tiles are used to create a regular suspended ceiling when these tiles are actually dropped into the square openings of the suspended ceiling grid, however, our deep-drop ceiling tiles create a 3-dimensional look which is preferred by many people.


Our deep drop-in ceiling tiles are available in 24in x 24in sizes, finished and unfinished in 30 different patterns. These are also available in 60 different colors and hand-faux finishes.


Deep Drop-In Tiles is when the pattern of the tile sits 3/4" below the grid system to make a three dimension look, somewhat concealing the grid system.  See Deep Drop-In Install Instructions for pictures.  Go to "Other Navigation" from the home page.


With regular Drop-In tiles, the pattern sits almost flush with the grid system when sitting in the grid.

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