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  • I love the look of the tin tiles! How do I get started?   Simply pick a pattern and a color, choose your accessories (nails, switch plate covers, etc) and order!  Customer Service is available for any questions about measuring, designing, and ordering.


  • Are your products real metal? Yes!  Unlike the cheap plastic look-alikes, our ceiling and wall tiles are 100% metal and proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • Should I order raw tiles or coated tiles? That depends on whether you want to spend the time coating the tiles yourself.  The raw metal tiles will rust if left unprotected, or if exposed to moisture or sweat prior to or during installation.  If you choose to coat the tiles yourself, we recommend using a metal primer or an oil-based coating appropriate for metal.   At Metal Ceiling Express, we powder coat the tiles which is an entirely different product and process, offering superb protection.


  • What is a powder coating? Simply put, powder coating is a process using a fine powder made of colored or clear plastic and metal that is sprayed onto an electro-statically charged piece of metal then baked in an oven. 


  • What is the difference between a Nail-up and a Drop-In tile? The nail-up tiles are designed to be surface mounted and have a ¼” embossed nail rail on the outer edge.  Drop-in tiles are designed to lay in a 15/16” suspended grid system and have a flat outer edge that allows them to seat flush to the grid.  The actual pattern of the tile is exactly the same. 


  • Are you a distributor or a manufacturer? We are a manufacturer of tin ceiling and wall tiles.  The metal stamping, coating, and finishing of our tin ceiling tiles is done from our facility in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.  We ship direct to our customers and do not use distributors.


  • Different devices show colors differently. How can I be sure the colors I see on your web site are accurate?  With so many different devices and a wide array of screen resolutions, we recommend you order color samples to be sure of the color.  Our color samples are made on an actual tin ceiling tile which has been cut into 6” pieces.


  • Will the metal tiles rust? The raw metal tiles will rust if left unprotected, or if exposed to moisture or sweat prior to or during installation.  We recommend adding powder coating to your order, or you can choose to coat the tiles yourself with an oil-based product that is appropriate for raw metal.


  • How do I care for my new backsplash tiles? Clean with a mild detergent and a soft cloth.  Do not use harsh abrasives.


  • What is the lead time? We can typically ship raw tiles in 1-3 days, depending on the size of the order. Powder coating and hand-finishing times vary since these are made-to-order.  Lead times vary depending on order size, number of orders in queue, and market conditions.  Please call 941-723-2288 for the most current lead times.


  • How many tiles do I need to order for my ceiling project? In general, you need 1 tile for every 4 square feet of surface area.  To calculate, multiply the length of your room by the width in feet.  This will give you the number of square feet.  As a common rule of thumb, you will want to add 10% to the square footage to account for waste, errors, accidental damage, etc.   You will then divide the square footage by 4, as each 24” x 24” tile is 4 square feet.  This will give you the number of ceiling tiles you will need.  


  • Do you have a showroom in my area? We do not have a showroom, however, we keep our web site updated with our most current portfolio of products, and sample pieces are available to order.


  • Can I return the tiles if I don’t like them? You may return unfinished tiles within 30 days.  Returns are subject to a restocking fee.  Coated tiles are made-to-order and, therefore, are non-refundable.


  • Can I use glue to install the tiles? We do not recommend using glue to install tiles on the ceiling.  For wall installation, we recommend using a heavy duty construction adhesive.


  • How many nails should I buy for my ceiling project? 10 nails per tile.  Each tile will actually receive 16 nails, however, each nail will secure 2 tiles as the tile borders overlap during installation.


  • Can you recommend an installer in my area? Unfortunately, we do not maintain a database of contractors.    Please check your local area for tile installers, drywall installers, or handymen.
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